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Metal Outdoor Fire Pit | Birds in Flight Garden Fire Sphere

£415.00 GBP£500.00 GBP

Birds in Flight Outdoor Fire Sphere This large stunning fire ball gives you a wonderland of  birds to enjoy in your garden.  When lit, the flames will give the birds a...

£415.00 GBP

Birds in Flight Outdoor Fire Sphere

This large stunning fire ball gives you a wonderland of  birds to enjoy in your garden.  When lit, the flames will give the birds a surreal quality.  This is a beautiful focal point that will catch everyone's eye and last for a long time.

Enjoy this fire sphere on your own or with friends.  Make a party out of it!  Letting Go and Moving On!

Burn Baby Burn - All for you My Pheonix!  Up from the ashes a new and powerful you.  Bby Far the Best and Ultimate Letting Go and Break Up Kit - Authentic Seasoned Metal Fire Sphere with Custom Wood Messages on Transformation Tokens For You to Burn and Release

We will put any words or messages you Need to See Burn on a wood Transformation Token for you to throw into the fire.

We'll even engrave an image or photograph of that special someone you would just love to see smolder in the fires of hell or burn in a quick burst of flame.

You can watch the flames as they flicker beautifully through the laser cut design as they engulf your special words or photos until they are nothing but an intoxicating ash.

The rustic, oxidised finish will continue to age over time.  It is pre-rusted to give that worn and comfortable look.

Remove the globe top to use as a fire pit - very handy on chilly nights for roasting marshmallows over an open flame.

There are large openings on either side so you and your friends can enjoy tossing Transformation Tokens in to be torched.

Some Suggested Words for your Transformation Tokens:
          Credit Cards
          Good Bye
          Kicking Cancer
          My Mortgage
          Pounds or Stones Lost
          Good Bye Idiot
          Kicking the Habit
          My Neighbor's Hedge
          My Neighbor's Mercedes
          Car Payment
          Good Bye Old Friend
          My Ex
          Kids Leaving Home

Let's be honest, we're not here to judge - you can have whatever words you like.
We're happy to engrave images or photos for you, too.  You can't really torch them - so why not burn them in effigy?  It will feel so good.

Included in your purchase
     1 fire sphere and 10 3mm birch Transformation Tokens to burn.

You've got some options, though --- you can upgrade your Transformation Tokens to 6mm birch ply if you want them to burn slower and really smolder.

We're happy to make extra words or word sets whenever you like.  And - of course - you can choose to have some photos engraved, too.... They take a bit longer but it's so worth it.

We suggest this is a great New Year's Eve Affirmation Activity or the Best Break-Up Kit a friend can give.  Be there for your buddies and girlfriends - the days of a glass of wine and a bubble bath are over - time to take your power back and watch those demons fry.

Who knows, this release by fire may become part of your happy dance rituals forever.

See Netty Demonstrating this fantastic Pheonix Fire Ball.

    Dimensions: H66 x W58 x D58 cm
    Weight: 12.8 kg
    Material: Cast iron
    Finish: Authentic patina rust finish
    Assembly: Minimal assembly

Number of Tokens with Pheonix Fire

None, 10 is perfect for me, 25 some to burn now and later, 50 enough to burn with friends, 10 + 2 pictures, Burn bundle 50 tokens + 2 pictures

Fast or Slow Burn

None, 3mm faster burn, 6mm slower burn


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